The Alliance deploys the X4-Sunfire in a last-ditch effort to defend against the Dominion attack!

X4-Sunfire is an advanced, experimental star fighter developed for extended space combat missions.  It deploys an all-energy based weapons array, which allows the fighter virtually unlimited ammunition to battle it's targets.

Game Play


The dual pulse laser cannons at the nose of the craft allow for rapid fire against smaller targets.

The plasma ejector vents off a powerful, spinning shot from the engines to strike at larger targets, replacing the need for missiles or torpedoes.

The Alliance of Systems has been developing the fighter in secret for their Colonial Guard to defend the colonies against the increasingly aggressive Dominion raids against their colonies.

The Terra Nova colony was brutally attacked by Dominion forces, causing the colony to evacuate the planet and deploy the X4 prototypes to guard the fleet as they make their way back to Terra Prime.

As a Sunfire pilot you must guide the fleet through thick asteroid belts and relentless waves of attacks by Dominion ships to make your way to Terra Prime.