The Making of Shadow Runner

Code by Dragula96

Art by JO3RI

It all started on the IRC channel #arduboy on freenode. Dragula96 was talking about a game he wanted to make and Unclesporky an JO3RI started talking gibberish. We wanted some kind of “Pong game”, but different, with funny characters and absurd gameplay, just for the fun of it, so it ended up being Reverse Mermaid Hockey.

Now, like every other Pong clone, you have a ball bouncing around on a playfield. It has a direction and speed. When the ball hits the wall, it changes direction.

The goals are at the corners of the screen to make it harder to just guard the middle all the time.

To make the game 80% more fun, a kick mechanic was introduced later in the development phase; when the ball gets kicked, the ball goes faster in the opposite direction, this can lead to some crazy fast speeds!

the AI was kept nice and simple to simulate a fish brain; The AI responds with a random number, if the number ==0 then it follows the ball for 1 frame, if it does not = 0 then it just stands still.