In May 2013 JOERI teamed up with Trodoss and started creating games for Gamby, the Arduino Retro Gaming shield. The first game they started working on, was TBOT, but before finishing it, they agreed making some other games too. Dungeons is the first game they finished making together.

As a name for there team, they decided to use TEAM a.r.g. = Arduino Retro Gaming. Soon enough they also started converting their games for the Video Game shield. So that all games would be playable on a portable platform as well as on television screen.

In February 2014 the team came across the Squawk library, which made it possible to play tracker alike music on the Arduino. D. Taylor (the creator of Squawk lib) helped TEAM a.r.g. mixing the TV-out lib and Squawk lib into a new lib (ARGlib). Pixel Fighter being the very first game EVER made with 4 channel music without the use of any extra IC for audio or video on an Arduino uno.

At the end of March we have put ARGlib on github and it needs massive work, but we’ll get there. We have a lot of cleaning work and we’ll try to create a more efficient lib.

2014 hasn’t been a big year for TEAM a.r.g. Trodoss and JO3RI have been very busy at work, so there wasn’t much time left for coding. But 2015 promises to be great. We already converted a game to the new upcoming platform Arduboy.

At the end of the summer of 2015, we finally found a new team member. Dragula96 teamed up and started making games with us right away. He is not new to coding nor to the Arduboy, so we know for sure TEAM a.r.g. will bring you even more fun games than it already did.

In 2016 Arduboy started shipping. TEAM a.r.g. had 5 games ready for the retail version of arduboy, by the time it was arriving at people's home. By the and of 2016 we had 10 games ready. We also shifted back from ARGlib to Arduboy 2, because all features ARGlib had, are now available in the Arduboy 2 as well. Gavin teamed up and his game "Mystic Balloon" became a pre-loaded game on every sold Arduboy.

2017 promises to be even more exciting. We finished our 4 channel chiptune library ATMlib and it is installable through the Arduino IDE library manager. We also welcomed Siegfried Croes, creator of the "Arduventure" demo game and we decided to turn this into a full blown RPG.