The Making of "BEGEMMED"

Code by JO3RI

Art by JO3RI

I have never played bejeweled in the browser, but I did play the game on iPhone. My own favorite version of the game is “Piyo Blocks” by Bigpixel Studios, but as an inspiration I went for the very original game “Shariki” by Eugene Alemzhin, not a very graphical one, but I added my own theme.

So ... yet an other puzzler. Does it use a grid too? Yes it does, like the original game it has an 8x8 grid showing 64 tiles. If you want to know more on grid games, you should read the technical pages for the game "Blob Attack". As usual, on the manual page you can read how to play the game.

This time our grid uses 8x8 tiles in an 8x8 grid, giving us 64 pixels in height and width. But we can’t use 8x8 pixels for our gems, because we need white space around them. This white space will be used to show the selector, the thing that blinks around the currently selected gem.

When a gem has been selected, the player can make his choice in what direction he wants to move the gem, switching it with the adjacent neighbor. The game will now tests, if the switch results into a group of 3 or more equal gems. This is easily done by comparing the gems with others gems in the field. The same “flag” technic has been used as in Blob Attack.

When the result is positive, all gems that have been “flagged” now get removed. Every gem will drop down to fill out the gaps and new gems keep appearing until the field has been filled.