Many years ago, a great evil terrorized our lands and covered it in darkness. Man, woman, young and old stood up against it and fought a seemingly endless battle. United they stood strong but they were no match for the evil that had spread. Many people died, others were taken as prisoners. Those who survived started envying the dead.

When all hope seemed gone, a savior appeared out of nowhere. A farmer boy, the son of a well known blacksmith and mage couple, came to battle. Wielding a magical blade, he single handedly drove back all evil and brought peace back to the lands. The boy was praised for his deeds by many, though some envied him and got obsessed with the magical blade he carried. As the hero didn't want the magical blade to fall into the wrong hands, he decided to split it in 4 pieces and hide them separately across the land, each guarded by a fearsome beast.

The blade has long been lost but the legend remains.

Now, as darkness is about to spread over our lands once again, will the magical blade of legends be recovered and a new hero rise?

Game Play


Arduventure is a classic top-down 8-Bit RPG with original monochrome graphics and musical score. Collect items, weapons, armor, amulets and magic to fight enemies in turn-based battle system. Explore a massive world map with 4 different regions, each protected by a boss. Go roaming the worlds and try to find the 4 missing blade pieces.





Well ... this is you ! go explore the land and try to find all the lost blade pieces.



You might encouter some people, but most or just quiet and won't tell you much ...



While roaming the lands, you'll encouter many different enemies, each with their own specialities, adapted to their enviroment.



Each region is protected by an enemy boss ... make sure you're strong enough before you go fight it.